An emerging artist working from Upper Manhattan, Alex Whitney focuses on figurative painting. She has been a member of the Kossak Painting Fellowship of 2020, allowing her to study under the likes of Drew Beattie and learn from other contemporary artists, such as Jenna Gribbon, Cindy Daignault and Gary Stephan. Her time at Hunter College has also allowed her to learn under a variety of renown artists and faculty, like Susan Crile and Valerie Jaudon. All this training allows her to work tirelessly to master glazing in acrylic, as she allows the thin layers to contrast against thick, leering shadows.  

Growing up nomadically, -partly in Spain and partly stateside-, she learned to harness the narrative power of painting in the absence of language to tell stories as they relate to memory, trauma, and the individual experience. Never abandoning the European roots that shaped her style of image making, but celebrating her American individualism, she uses her personal recollections as an anchor into the outside world. Outside interests like film and photography enter the work through the positioning of the viewer, the framing of the subject and lighting, not unlike film stills and snapshots of the mind. Most works come from direct photography and mesh with hazy fantasy. Particularly with her latest body of work, vulnerability is at the core of what she does and will continue to do.